Group Sculpting Course - Medium Hare or Selected Subject Matter for the Group

£110 per person - (minimum of 6 people) 

Group Sculpting Course

One Day - Group Sculpting Course

Froncysyllte Community Centre

'Medium Quirky Hare or Selected Subject Matter for the Group '

If you have a group of friends or family or work colleagues that wish to book a Group Course this can be arranged and will be taught at the Froncysyllte Community Centre near Llangollen.  Refreshments of tea and coffee will be available during the course and the local pub is a few yards away should you fancy to purchase a pub meal or beverage in the lunch hour!  

During the course I aim to introduce and teach hand building a medium ceramic hare by using templates and sculpting techniques and processes.  The template technique was introduced to me by Annie Peaker and I have developed and created my own personalised method of forming and sculpting a hare.  The hand building techniques I will introduce are suitable for adults of all ability levels and are introduced with step by step demonstrations.   During the course you will have the opportunity of applying an underglaze to the hare.  Before you leave I will show you examples of each glaze finish to choose for your hare.  Your handmade hare will be left with me to naturally dry and then I will biscuit fire and complete a final high firing using either a semi translucent or matt glaze finish depending on your personal preference.  Once these processes have been completed I will contact you to arrange collection of your group's drove of hares.

Alternatively, should you wish to sculpt something other than a hare please let me know in your email.